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Registration for Open Optional Courses (for HSE University students and OOC learners who are not HSE University students)

Please note! 

  • 1st semester OOC's are chosen in September, 2nd semester OOC's - in December:
  • Registration for an OOC can be closed prior to the deadline or extended at the course initiator's discretion;
  • Students can choose any OOC if they meet all the prerequisites and limitations indicated in the syllabus determined by the course initiator (if any);
  • OOCs will be conducted if at least 30 students register;
  • Make sure you track recent information on the start of registration for OOCs at electives.hse.ru. Please also be sure to check the list of courses for updates;

How to register (for HSE University students)

Students can register for OOCs through the SmartWay system.

1. Look through the list of courses and read all the avaliable information.

2. Select the desired course using yor SmartWay account. You can choose an unlimited number of courses.

3. Track the maximum number of students enrolled in the course. OOCs will be conducted if at least 30 students register.

A student may select any open optional course. An open optional course is studied outside the core educational programme.

Grades for open optional courses shall be discarded during the generation of ongoing student ratings, decisions on assigning a student state academic scholarships and in other instances when a student’s academic performance counts.

Unsatisfactory grades, given to students under open optional courses, shall not be deemed as academic failure.

The grades for open optional courses shall be reflected in a student’s diploma supplement, only based on a student’s personal request.

How to register (for OOC learners who are not HSE University students)

OOC learners who are not HSE University students register using Platform for Online Learning in HSE University https://online.hse.ru/oncampus   

1. To choose an OOC look through "Electives" section.

2. Click on course name to read more information.

3. Click "Subscribe" to register for a desired course.

4. Fill in the registration form.

5. You can find your OOC's in your profile online.hse.ru/my/.

PLEASE NOTE! All open optional courses are held online.

If you register for an OOC you cannot visit the HSE University.

OOC learners, who are not HSE University students, have the following two options to pursue the OOC:

  • tuition-free (learners can access lectures, but are excluded from ongoing assessments, as well as interim assessment on the course);
  • on a fee-paying basis (learners pursue the course along with HSE University students and are subject to all prescribed assessment activities). Upon the successful completion of interim assessment, learners are issued e-certificated with information about the course name, credits (credit units) earned, (total and contact) academic hours and a grade achieved. The certificate’s template is set by the University. Certificates shall be generated by the eLearning Office on the basis of assessment record sheets with the results of external learners.  

If you have any questions please contact Degree Programmes Department: electives@hse.ru.


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