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Registration for open optional courses

HSE open optional courses (OOCs) are a special type of course covering a range of research in various fields. They are offered to all university students and interested members of the public. OOCs are taken in addition to the main curriculum; they are not mandatory.




Registration for OOCs starts.

Registration deadline!

Final information on courses is published!

Please note:
  • You can register for courses through LMS (if you have forgotten your login and password, please contact your programme’s office);
  • Review the list of the courses and the information materials;
  • Confirm your choice of OOC in your LMS profile. You can choose an unlimited number of courses;
  • Track the maximum number of students enrolled in the course. OOCs will be conducted if at least 30 students register;
  • Registration for an OOC can be closed prior to the deadline or extended at the course organizer’s discretion;
  • Make sure you track recent information on the start of registration for OOCs in the online timetable (through your personal area in LMS) or at http://ruz.hse.ru/. Please also be sure to check the list of courses for updates;
  • The HSE LMS system can be used for more effective learning. Teachers use LMS to publish materials and assignments, schedule mid-term or final tests, maintain academic records, and inform students on various events related to the subject.

OOC registration procedure for students of all programmes

  • Students can choose any course from the list of open optional courses based on their own interests; information on the courses is published on the HSE website each year.
  • Registration for courses can be carried out through LMS from September 6 to 15, as well as independently by the course organizer (terms and conditions are determined individually). The registration period for courses can be extended at the request of the course organizer.
  • Students can choose any OOC if they meet all the prerequisites and limitations indicated in the syllabus (if any);
  • An OOC is announced as open if at least 30 students and/or HSE staff members register for it. The maximum number of students is set by the course organizer.
  • Grades for OOCs do NOT affect grants and scholarships and are NOT considered to be failed assignments. Grades for OOCs can be listed in the appendix to the diploma only after a student submits a written request to his or her programme office.

Students can register for OOCs through the LMS system.

The full list of courses (includes courses in Russian) is available here.

If you have any questions regarding the OOCs, please contact us at electives@hse.ru.