Разработчик майнора — Департамент мировой экономикибазовая кафедра ВО «Автопромимпорт».

The ultimate goal of the minor “International Business” is to equip both Russian and international students of Higher School of Economics with knowledge and practical guidelines for understanding international companies’ activities. It starts with the course on international business environment that provides insights into the key elements of the global marketplace and examines forces that drive international companies’ strategies and operations. This introductory course gives students basic knowledge and helps them identify their interests in the field of international business to further specialize in one of the minor tracks: International business strategies (delivered in English) and Management decisions in International Business (delivered in Russian).

The track “International Business Strategies” introduces students to the complexity of strategic decisions developed and implemented in international companies. Opportunities and challenges, business faces globally and in deferent divisions and markets, are studied in detail and integrated into company’s international strategic alternatives which are discussed with the help of real-life examples and case studies of best and worst practice.

The track “Management Decisions in International Business” is based on the idea of combining theoretical background, practical experience and striving for outstanding performance to make best possible management decisions. It is aimed at studying those key practices and tools from different areas of business which are used by specialists responsible for international business competitiveness enhancement. Using a systematic approach for theoretical aspects and forming a comprehensive picture of international business combining external and internal factors, track is practice-oriented and comprises business cases analysis, master classes and business games in both Russian and English.

The minor “International Business” will help students interested in building successful career in a globalized world understand specifics of international companies’ operations and moves. The knowledge and skills gained during the minor courses could be broadly applied – in international companies and their affiliates, governmental structures, international institutions and other organizations that interact, study or manage international business activities.

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Ответственные за майнор

Клочко Ольга Александровна

Департамент мировой экономики: Доцент

Ответственный за майнор и трек “International Business Strategies”
Подчуфаров Андрей Юрьевич

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Куратор приема / перевода студентов на первой дисциплине майнора и треке “International Business Strategies”
Куратор приема / перевода студентов на треке «Управленческие решения в международном бизнесе»