Разработчик майнора — Департамент менеджмента.

Название майнора до 2021 г. - Международный бизнес (International Business).

Minor programme "Business in Global Environment" is designed for the HSE and the exchange students of various educational programmes providing theoretical foundation of business in global environment and sufficient managerial toolkit to face the challenges it creates.

Minor programme aims to combine theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the field of global business and international trade, international consulting and marketing.

Challenges and prospects for the global business:

  • The scope of global business is expanding and constantly changing, including new global sanction – anti-sanction era and the new reality of the post-covid world
  • The intensity of cross-cultural contacts is growing when a lawyer becomes more than just a lawyer and a linguist is not just a linguist


Important feature of the Minor programme "Business in Global Environment"

Minor programme is aimed at development of the “must-have” competences in international business, cross-cultural communications, international marketing and international consulting. As a result, students will be equipped with practical marketing skills, strategic management toolkit, pumped emotional intelligence, strengthened soft skills, improved teamwork skills and practical advice for the strategies and tactics in the new era of sanction - anti-sanction paradigm in global business.

All courses are provided in English. The acquired managerial competencies and cross-cultural communication skills will enable Minor’s graduates to assess the complex challenges of global environment, including Covid-19 pandemic and post-covid era, trade disputes and international sanctions and implement effective and innovative solutions.

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