What is the ‘Language, Culture and Language Teaching’ minor about?

You will be introduced to topics in language, culture and intercultural communication, and will gain a general understanding of teaching (didactics) and educational administration, of the process of language learning and methods of language teaching. You will also develop a greater awareness of world languages and cultures. The minor will equip you with knowledge and skills that will let you communicate effectively with members of other cultures (for example, in business communication); to understand the practical aspects of education, in particular teaching foreign languages.

Who is this minor for? Isn’t it only for future teachers?

No, it is not only for future teachers. The minor is open to all HSE Bachelor students, and the content is general. Even if you are a future manager or a physicist, you will learn something useful for your future job and life. And many professionals do eventually become mentors, coaches or professors, so you may think you will never have to teach, but in fact many people do.

I am a future manager/economist/historian/computer scientist. How can I benefit from learning about cultures, languages and language teaching?

First of all, general knowledge about communication, cultures and education will broaden your horizons, give you new skills and may open new job prospects. After completing the courses in this minor:

-       You will become a stronger communicator, in business or in your professional sphere

-       You will get lots of English speaking practice, as the Minor is delivered in English

-       You will be able start a career as a manager in education

-       You can do private language tutoring for extra cash, or consider a ‘second career’ as a language tutor (e.g. a weekend ‘hobby’ job)

-       You may also pursue graduate studies in languages, education and teaching.

-       You may pursue a career as a teacher of English for Specific Purposes (e.g. English for engineers, English for economists, English for designers)

-       You may choose to do a ‘micro-degree’ track to receive an ‘English teacher’ diploma