Transfer to Minor

Below are the transfer rules:

1st semester (September; first year of the Minor)

-          transfers requests accepted until September 20th

-         you do not need approval of the Minor Academic Director. You can transfer to our minor until September 20th if there are seats available. Please fill out a request to Trajektoria office:

-         once transferred, please discuss with your seminar instructor how you will submit your missed assignments. No approval of the Academic Director is necessary in this case.

2nd semester  (January, first year of the Minor)    -  transfer request are accepted under certain conditions (see below) and if there are seats available. You can check available seats here:
- deadline to initiate a transfer request with the Minor Academic Director December 27th.

      - please note that if you are interested in receiving a MicroDegree Сertificate of an English Teacher or a MicroDegree Certificate at the end of the Minor, you may have to pay a bit to receive credit for the first course of our Minor that you have missed. The amounts and procedures are currently being determined, and we do not have any more information at this time.

- prerequisites for transfer approval:

o  completed courses in the following two areas (both areas): 1) essentials of linguistics (e.g. Introduction to Linguistics); 2) cultural studies (e.g. Intercultural Communication)

o  You may be considered for a transfer if you have only taken a course in one of these areas and are ready to take an extra course somewhere (e.g. Open Edu) and complete additional tasks

What do you need to do to transfer?

1.      Read the annotation for our first minor course ‘Language, Culture and Intercultural Communication’ available here:

2.      Analyse your program study plan: Have you studied any courses similar to this one (e.g Introduction to Linguistics, Cultural Studies, etc.)? Or are you going to study similar courses no later than your second year? Have you studied such courses elsewhere and have a certificate/transcript from a different institution?

3.      If yes, then please email the Minor Academic Director to discuss your transfer. Include course outlines (or links to them)/your course completion certificates

4.      It may be possible to transfer on the condition of completion of an additional course(s) during modules 3 and 4 as well as completion of additional tasks.

Completion of the following courses may be considered:
Feel free to search for similar online courses if these are not currently available.

3rd semester (September, 2nd year of the Minor)

-         transfer approvals are rare and only possible if you have extensive background in languages and pedagogy and have completed courses similar to the first two courses of our minor.  In this case, please discuss your transfer with the Minor Academic Director.

4th semester (January, 2nd year of the Minor)

-         transfers are not possible

If you have any questions, please email the Minor Academic Director