Minor Developer is Department of Foreign Languages.

At HSE, we strive for education that develops well-rounded individuals who are able to compete in the current job market. In the era of globalization, language and communication skills are key soft skills for any university graduate, but HSE students, being strong communicators in general, may lack the skill of communicating effectively with members of other cultures. In addition, many HSE students and graduates, being strong at languages, make language teaching their part-time job or even their future career. They may not, however, have received training as language teachers.

This minor will help to fulfill these needs and will also suite those who are generally interested in language, culture and teaching. You will be introduced to topics in language, culture and intercultural communication, and will gain a general understanding of teaching (didactics) and educational administration, of the process of language learning and methods of language teaching. You will also develop a greater awareness of world languages and cultures. The minor will equip you with knowledge and skills that will let you communicate effectively with members of other cultures (for example, in business communication); to understand the practical aspects of education, in particular teaching foreign languages. After completing the courses in this minor, you will be able to start a career as a language tutor or as a manager in education. You may also pursue graduate studies in languages, education and teaching.

All the courses will be taught online, in English.

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Academic Director

Vladimir Pavlov
Associate Professor, Department of Foreign Languages, St.Petersburg

email: vvpavlov@hse.ru


Vladimir Pavlov

Департамент иностранных языков (Санкт-Петербург): Доцент

Natalia V. Smirnova

Associate Professor, Head, Department of Foreign Languages (St. Petersburg)

Irina Nuzha

Associate Professor, Department of Foreign Language (St. Petersburg)

Natalia V. Ursul

Senior Lecturer, Department of Foreign Language (St. Petersburg)

Svetlana Kucherenko

Департамент иностранных языков (Санкт-Петербург): Старший преподаватель

Tatiana Tsarapkina

Департамент иностранных языков: Старший преподаватель

Natalia A. Nikitina

Департамент иностранных языков: Старший преподаватель