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Open optional courses

What is an Open Optional Course (OOC)?

Open optional course (OOC) refers to a course that is not compulsory for a student's selection and is offered beyond the prescribed credit load of a given programme.

An open optional course is designed not only to give knowledge, but to create a certain view of the world and to produce additional competencies required for further professional work.

Most courses are taught in Russian, but there is also a number of English-taught courses. 


  • How OOC's are different from other courses

    Grades for open optional courses shall be discarded during the generation of ongoing student ratings, decisions on assigning a student state academic scholarships and in other instances when a student’s academic performance counts.

    Unsatisfactory grades, given to students under open optional courses, shall not be deemed as academic failure.

    The grades for open optional courses shall be reflected in a student’s diploma supplement, only based on a student’s personal request.

    Open optional courses are offered beyond the prescribed credit load of a given programme and are free of chargefoll all HSE students.

    Open optional courses are taught online.

    Students may remove an open optional course from their individual curriculum within 5 days prior to the start of the examination period for which the last interim assessment on the course has been scheduled.

  • Open optional courses in 2023/2024 academic year

    List of OOCs for 2023/2024 academic year

    Available here

    Detailed course catalog for the second semester of 2023/2024 academic year

    Available here (in Russian)

Registration for Open Optional Courses (for HSE University students and OOC learners who are not HSE University students)

Please note! 

  • 1st semester OOC's are selected in September, 2nd semester OOC's - in December; for the detailed timeline please see Elective courses: general information;
  • Registration for an OOC can be closed prior to the deadline or extended at the course initiator's discretion;
  • Course initiator may conduct additional testing or selection;
  • An OOC will be conducted if at least 30 students register;
  • OOC selection for the second semester of 2023/2024 academic year (HSE students)

    HSE students can select OOCs via SmartWay system 

    PREVIEW (10:50 DECEMBER 11 - 10:00 DECEMBER 12)

    During this period you will be able to log into SmartWay to get acquainted with the interface, look through the list of available courses and time slots. 


    During this period you will be able to submit applications for courses including those with competetive selection


    During this period you will be able to select courses and time slots

  • OOC selection for the second semester of 2023/2024 academic year (not HSE students)


How to sign up for an OOC?

If you are an HSE student

If you are not an HSE student

Contact us if you have any questions


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