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English-language Elective Disciplines from Open University List (MAGOLEGO) 2017-2018









HSE Research Centres and Institutions


The History of Technological Development in Society
Institute for Statistical Studies and Economics of KnowledgeThomas Thurner3Syllabus
 Faculty of Humanities
2Arguing in English
School of LinguisticsOlga Vinogradova3,4 Syllabus
3Qualitative Methods in Social Sciences
School of PhilosophyDenis Zubalov3,4Syllabus
4Basic types of academic writing
School of PhilosophyYury Zaretsky3,4Syllabus
5Heidegger and Contemporary Philosophy
School of PhilosophyAndrew HaasSyllabus
 Faculty of Communications, Media, and Design
6Cultural and creative industriesSchool of MediaIliya Kiriya 3,4Syllabus
7Entertainment Law
School of MediaElena SherstoboevaSyllabus
8Russian media market: actors, relations and political culture
School of MediaOlga Dovdysh
Varvara Chumakova 
3,4 Syllabus
 Faculty of Computer Science
9Social Network Analysis
School of Data Analysis and Artificial IntelligenceLeonid Zhukov
Ilya Makarov
 Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs
10Business in Southeast Asia: Prerequisites for Success 
School of International AffairsEvgeny Kanaev3,4Syllabus
11US-Russia Relations between the Cold Wars
School of International AffairsDmitry Suslov3,4Syllabus
12Islamic Factor in the Development of Eastern Civilizations
School of Asian StudiesAndrey Chuprygin3Syllabus
13Sociopolitical History of East and South-East Asia
School of Asian StudiesAleksey Maslov4Syllabus
 Faculty of Social Sciences
14State Spatial Policy and Global Economic Changes
School of Public AdministrationOleg Golubchikov
Irina Ilina
Evgenij Pliseckij
3,4 Syllabus
15Decision Science and Neuroeconomics
School of PsychologyVasily Klucharev3,4 Syllabus
16Psychology of Creativity
School of PsychologySergey YagolkovskiySyllabus
17Economic Psychology
School of PsychologyEvgeniya Kravchenko Syllabus


The full list of courses (includes courses in Russian) is available here.

If you have any questions regarding the MAGOLEGO courses, please contact us at electives@hse.ru.

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